Where’s the crap?

If we’re going to Decrapify Work, it’s important to locate the crap. When I ask people, I get lots of different replies because everyone has a different personal experience. However, I have identified some common sources. 1. Bureaucracy The everyday sludge that we have to wade through simply to exist in the workplace, let alone get anythingContinue reading “Where’s the crap?”

Drowning in horseshit

The problem with future of work is like the one that faced London in the late 1800s.  We are at risk of drowning in horseshit. The Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894 is a tale about an article in The Times warning that “In 50 years, every street in London will be buried under nineContinue reading “Drowning in horseshit”

Will it work at scale?

Is “Will it work at scale?” the most stupid question in business today? Why does it need to? ‘At scale’ means employing the same uniform approach across a vast array of diversities – disciplines, divisions, countries, cultures, ideas and individuals, to name a few. It means compressing the richness of variation and difference under theContinue reading “Will it work at scale?”

Office-less work

Today, we are moving to ‘office-less work’. You see, we use the lens of the old to describe the new, so we’re using the old ways of working to describe the future. That why the first cars were called ‘horseless carriages’ because, well, people travelled around in a carriage but these new things didn’t haveContinue reading “Office-less work”

Work doesn’t work

‘Work doesn’t work!’ Trite? Glib? Facile? Maybe. But true.  “The system is broken” Trite? Glib? Facile? Maybe. But also true. So what do we do?  We stop doing things that won’t fix it and start doing things that will. Things that won’t fix it – Bean bagsFree mealsFussball tablesHybrid workingWellness programmesWriting values statements on theContinue reading “Work doesn’t work”


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