One Man, Two Guvnors

One man, two guvnors. Not just a funny play. It’s also the situation managers are in today. On the one hand, they are responsible for production, keeping the corporate machine running, hitting their targets for output and quality.  On the other hand, they are responsible for their team, the people they lead. For many yearsContinue reading “One Man, Two Guvnors”

Follow the science

Here’s what research tells us about work: 1. We have limited amounts of cognitive effort. Typically, we can do 3-4 hours of concentrated work a day, in periods of around 90 minutes. Beyond that, our cognitive capability declines sharply. 2. People who have friends at work report being happier, more purposeful and productive. They alsoContinue reading “Follow the science”

Jerks at Work

Can you work effectively with arseholes? I use to think so. That I could have a ‘professional relationship’ with people I nether liked or respected and still deliver. Now I think I was wrong and that it was damaging to me personally. It’s why today I have a strict ‘No Arseholes’ rule. As author ofContinue reading “Jerks at Work”

A thought experiment on ‘The Office’

A thought experiment.  Imagine an organisation where everyone works remotely, from home and other places too. “We need more innovation and collaboration”, says the CEO,”we need stronger relationships across the organisation”. A task force is put together to decide what to do. Their conclusion is that the way to address these three requirements is toContinue reading “A thought experiment on ‘The Office’”


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