History Lessons

My career only began because I sat in an office with other people. I was only there as a temp to do some admin. I wasn’t there to deal with clients, but I was curious, I listened to what was going on  and asked lots of questions. After a few weeks, I knew more thanContinue reading “History Lessons”

The future is already here

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson. Don’t tell anyone but the future of work’s been here for decades. Mostly unnoticed and unremarked on. You know, Teams and Zoom didn’t suddenly appear out of thin air because of the COVID lockdown. There was already a bunch of people usingContinue reading “The future is already here”

The Co-ordination problem

“The problem with hybrid is that it’s so hard to co-ordinate with others” is a frequently heard complaint from managers. But what if the problem isn’t hybrid working? What if the problem is co-ordination? This is a case of an old way of working clashing with a new reality. Hybrid isn’t going away. If anything,Continue reading “The Co-ordination problem”

Faster Horses

I’ve read that in the future, we’ll be working as avatars in the metaverse. Or holograms, meeting virtually in space. Or some other whizzy new tech to make us feel like we’re ‘there’ when we’re not ‘there’. Is this just ‘faster horses’ syndrome? There’s a lot of focus on whizzier ways of doing what weContinue reading “Faster Horses”


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